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Urban Meditation Retreat

When:       Friday Jan. 10th to Sunday Jan 12th 2020

Time:         Starts at 9 am
Teacher:    Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Location:   La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Cost:          $235 

   The Ten Perfections

The Ten Perfections are designed for cultivating the path of

awakening into everyday life. With the cultivation of the ten

perfections a healthier feeling of oneself, an excellent guide for

addiction recovery and a greater appreciation for others is attained.
Thanissaro was born in the US in 1949. He completed his studies in European Intellectual History, and went to Thailand in 1971 to become a Theravada Thai Forest Monk, where he studied meditation under Ajahn Fuang.  After twenty years, Thanissaro returned to the US to the Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego County, California, where he has served as  Abbott since 1993. Thanissaro Bhikkhu is a notably skilled and prolific translator of the Pali Canon.  He has translated over forty books, including the Dhammapada and the Sutta Pitaka, He has also authored more than fifteen books, including “Handful of Leaves,” a four-volume anthology of sutra translations.

This Urban Retreat is designed  to integrate your meditative life with your living world. Participants will be responsible for their accommodations, transportation, and meals. Book your reservations directly through La Fonda. Hotel parking is free for full retreat participants. There is a discounted Room Rate until Dec 1, 2019.  You are encouraged to register promptly, as we are expecting a wait list for this retreat.

About Our Fees for the Urban Meditation Retreat 

          The cost at registration is $235.00.  This fee reflects the Life Transition Meditation Center's
          costs for advertising the Retreat. In addition, parking fees at La Fonda Hotel for the three
          days of the Retreat are included. At the end of the Retreat, participants will have an opportunity
          to make a free will donation to the teacher, in accordance with Buddhist tradition.

Click on the donate button below to register. 

Teacher donations accepted at the end of the retreat.
For further information: Tel: 505-982-4183

PO Box 9286, Santa Fe, NM 87504