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Somatic[MOU1]  Meditation




Soma is the body, and Somatic is listening to your body. Meditation is an activity of practice that goes back to ancient times of calming one's body, speech, and mind. Somatic Meditation is applying various meditating techniques to be able to listen to your body safely. Science has proven that our bodies carry the burden from the experiences of life.


Soma 是身体的意思,Somatic代表“倾听”我们的身体。冥想是一种拥有悠久历史的修行方法,帮助我们来安定身体、言行和思绪。科学实验证明我们的身体承载了过去的种种经历,身体冥想运用不同的冥想练习方法,让我们能够“倾听”自己身体这些“声音”。


As we listen to the body deeply through a meditative practice, the body intelligence begin to bring a sensational feeling that can be new to how we are accustom too feeling and respond to the body. These feelings are noted as sensations can be a new vocabulary to the mind. Insight arises as guidance, noting, and being with body experiences as it happens. The body has always been constantly sending us messages, Meditation can be a safe and effective application to use.