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Santa Fe, NM 87504

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Private Services available at Life Transition Institute include the following:

Sabina Schulze, L.M.T.

Private Practice (Cancer Support)

PO Box 9286, Santa Fe, NM 87504


Ralph Steele, Private Practice (Individual and Family Therapy)

Sabina Schulze, Private Practice (Cancer Support)

Pain Management Program

Breast Cancer Support Group

Meditation-Based Coaching:

Our approach focuses on mindfully helping people through present transitions so that they will be better prepared for future changes. We emphasize teaching effective tools and self-help skills.

Sabina Schulze offers ongoing programs in meditation for cancer patients and their family members and/or support network members.

Programs provide instruction in Insight Meditation techniques as a coping tool for living with emotional and physical pain.

Breast Cancer Support Group

Women Artists Living with Breast Cancer

For further information or to find out about up-coming groups please contact Sabina Schulze at 505 982-4183 or 1 800 547-2574.

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