Ou Gawd hay ur-wa paa

Oh God Hear Our Prayer 

Hs ee oak-non-led ur-wa ant-zester

As we acknowledge our ancestors, 

Hu er wipp frun da Ma-Da-An

who were ripped from the Mother Land. 

Ur-wa ant-zester hu kav aus da pra-sus tee-zing

Our ancestors who gave us the precious teachings 

bi wok-zing, az da ka-mu-ti oh-zing ands

by walking as a community holding hands 

Ingtu da oshun tu ra-lee dee ba-dee bum sa-fing.

into the ocean to relieve their bodies from suffering. 

EE kan bea ur-wa law-zes dat er Ing-flick-de apa aus

We can bear our losses that were inflicted upon us 

bi da sus-tim ov x-plu-ta-su ant x-ter-ma-na-sunn.

by the system of exploitation and extermination. 

Ur-wa ant-zester uh kav aus da keef ov ceeyong

Our ancestors who gave us the gift of Seeing. 

Pees fo-kav aus foo kazing haa-tat tu arb-jick

Please forgive us for getting attached to objects 

Ann see-u-wa-shon dat haa o-stra-de ur-wa wu

and situations that have obstructed our view. 

Ur-wa ant-zester uh shoo aus hs hay ka-mu-ti,

Our ancestors who showed us, as a community, 

dat sa-fing tiz sakun-nacha, dat jui, laav ann so-port kan hee

that Suffering is second-nature, that joy, love, and support can heal. 

Ou Gawd pees fo-kay doos uh wa-wige da

Oh God please forgive those who ravaged the 

Nay-if Ha-ma-kin In-dens ann tuk Ter-til I-ann fam dem

Native American Indians and took Turtle Island from them 

Ur-wa ant-zester uh dem-on-sta-ti dat day er

Our ancestors who demonstrated that they were 

stunga ann Grayta dan da ann-wer-ta-ti da in-kou-ta

stronger and Greater than the adversity they encountered. 

Ra-som tin Ha-ma-ka hiz ann a-mo-shu-no saan

Racism in America is an emotional chain 

dat ee ur bun nin-tu, doo lat dit dee-fon aus

that we were born into, don’t let it define us. 

Haz ur-wa lay-higgs ka-ti-u, maa ee cyne

As our lineages continue, may we shine 

li da tar en da ky, ann bee da him-bo-dee-mant hov Kace.

like the stars in the sky, and be the embodiment of Grace 

La bee jui-foo en an-no-ning ur-wa lie;

Let’s be joyful in honoring our lives; 

haz ee ka-tin-u tu am-pou, am-pou-wa ann laf

as we continue to improve, empower and lift 

app ur-wa ka-mu-nu-ti

up our communities. 

Ou Gawd hay ur-wa paa

Oh God Hear Our Prayer 

English & Gullah Language of Pawleys Island, S.C. Dialect

Author: Ralph Steele 505-982-4183 

PO Box 9286, Santa Fe, NM 87504