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Breast Cancer Support Group:

This is an ongoing group that offers instructions in Insight Meditation techniques as a coping tool for people living with cancer. The primary purpose of this group is to support cancer patients as they go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Breast Cancer support group meetings are held monthly and are appropriate for all cancer patients and their family members and/or support network members.

Why meditation?

Mindfulness is an attitude that generates insight and a state of being awake in body and mind. Through such increased awareness, you can learn to live life more mindfully and support your healing process. Mindfulness meditation practice can be an excellent adjunct as one goes through treatment, reducing one’s anxiety, stress and feelings of nauseousness.

All Breast Cancer Support Groups are free of charge.

When: Tuesdays 6 pm to 7 pm

Where: Life Transition Therapy
110 Delgado Compound, Suite 'D'
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Voice/Reservations: 505.982.4183
Fax: 505.982.9219

Phone Consultation: 1.800.547.2574

NOTE: If you wish to be notified of forthcoming events supported by Life Transition Therapy, please contact Sabina Schulze at Life Transition Therapy.

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