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         Dates:    January 10-12, 2020
         Teacher:    Thanissaro Bhikkhu 

Tending The Fire is the gripping, enlightening, and very human story of Ralph Steele's transformative journey through war and meditation to a sense of wholeness, responsibililty, peace, and compassion....

Life Transition Meditation Center offers retreats several times a year to the public, including youth and families. The Center also offers specific People of Color and Diversity Retreats. A retreat offers a safe place to experience .....

Life Transition Therapy is a Trauma Healing Center which provides a unique healing opportunity for individuals who are seeking an intensive, short term, highly individualized meditation based treatment ...

           Date: Tuesday Oct 22 – to – Dec 3, 2019
           Time: 6 pm Mountain Time, USA

           505-982-4183 or info@lifetransition.com

'Life Transition Meditation Center promotes individual and social healing through meditation practice, education, and research. 'Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.'

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